Surrogacy in Mexico

What is surrogacy?

Surrogacy is the process by which embryos made in vitro are transferred, with the sperm of the biological father or a donor and the ovules of the biological mother or an ovule donor, with the intention of carrying a pregnancy, without share any genetic relationship with the baby(s) produced by this method.

This process can be carried out by a woman with or without a family relationship, with a partner who cannot conceive, and it may or may not be onerous, which means that it may or may not be remunerated for it.

The surrogacy must be carried out in accordance with current legislation, presenting a contract between individuals to the competent authorities, so that at the end of the process, the filiation of the children is reflected in a birth certificate, in which it will not appear surrogate gestarte as a mother.


Laws that allow Surrogacy in Mexico



Who is surrogacy for?

People who need this process are called Intentional Parents, while the woman who carries the pregnancy in her womb is called Gestational Surrogate. In Mexico, surrogacy is allowed for Mexican people, or marriages in which at least one of the people is Mexican and who do not have the possibility of being parents in the womb of the couple. That is, any woman who, through some medical procedure, has lost her uterus or the ability of the uterus to carry a pregnancy to term, or whose state of health is incompatible with pregnancy. In the same way, couples in which there is no uterus to carry a pregnancy or single people in the same situation.


What we do in Surrogacy Mexico

We make sure that professionals with specialized training in the legal area, reproductive medicine, mental health and nutrition, take charge of the entire process. That is to say, that they be carried out ethically and correctly, both the complete medical process of the Intended Parents, as well as the careful selection of the Surrogate Pregnant Women, their medical, personal and psychological care, before the pregnancy, during the pregnancy and after it.

The lawyers who cooperate with Gestación Surrogada México will ensure that the legal processes are carried out from start to finish, in a transparent and professional manner, so that the baby or babies conceived through surrogacy can obtain the recognition of parentage of their parents. fathers.

The surrogate mother

Any woman who wishes to carry out this process can be a surrogate mother, as long as her physical and mental health is optimal. However, the law suggests some guidelines:

  • Women of legal age and up to 35 years
  • Mexicans by birth or naturalization
  • Biological mothers Preferably who have had the children they wanted to have
  • Single or married with husband present
  • Optimal and proven gynecological and general health
  • Family present and in agreement with their participation in the process
  • Present yourself voluntarily and informed
  • Due to our location, we only match women from Mexico City and the surrounding area with intended parents.

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    Do you need a surrogacy process?

    If you or your partner are Mexican, there is a physical impediment for you to carry the pregnancy in your body and you want to become a father or mother, you are a candidate for surrogacy.

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